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Natalie Barros has been working as a football presenter at blue Sport for 7 years. In this job, she either reports on the weekends together with the experts from the television studio or she conducts interviews with coaches and players in the football stadiums.

In 2021, Natalie made a 50-minute film about the Young Boys 15th championship title.


In addition to football, the Swiss sport "Schwingen" is Natalie's second great passion.

On TeleBärn she hosts her own show, “Wyberhaagge”, where she meets the Athletes in a private setting.

She also presents a “Sports Talk” on TeleBärn, which is very popular. 


In the summer of 2023, Natalie Barros became self-employed. 

Since then she has also worked on Champions League games as a Master of Ceremony for UEFA.

On these occasions, Natalie can benefit from her foreign languages. As a half-Swiss and half-Spanish woman, she speaks German and Spanish as well as French, English and Italian. 

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